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Scottish interdivisional event on Climate Change

Climate Change: what’s Psychology got to do with it?

All eyes will be on Scotland when it hosts the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow later this year. With some of the conference goals focusing on securing global net zero by mid-century and adapting to protect communities and natural habitats, the BPS Scottish Branch wanted to deliver an event for its members which considers the climate crisis and more importantly what psychology and psychologists can contribute over and above what they are already doing personally.

The event aims to provide an opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers representing the divisions of psychology across Scotland as well as a platform to openly discuss issues raised. Attendees will gain a greater awareness of what psychology can deliver from an individual, leadership and workplace perspective as well as what groups, such as the BPS Steering Group on the Climate and Environmental Crisis, are doing to influence government policy on climate change.

Historically this event has aimed to deliver a quality event to engage members from all divisions across Scotland. As such, there will also be opportunity to network and a unique opportunity to create a call to action to influence policy and direct future research.


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