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When we can process how we feel,

we can think more clearly about how to act.

020: A Different Kind of Life

When first I woke up to the crisis, over 20 years ago, my wife and I were apprehensive and conflicted as the scale of the required transformation emerged. We badly wanted this change in our lives having tried for several years to come to terms with the need for a re-evaluation of priorities, but as that dream was poised to become a reality we were forced to face the reality of a different kind of life. As a professional couple we were used to jumping in the car and driving to France to find a hotel for a few nights, or hopping on a plane for city breaks to say, Rome or Vienna. Now what could we do without that possibility?

The first round of changes were introduced on time, hale and hearty despite an introduction that required nurture and gathering strength in numbers and a dramatic military style operation. We soon discovered that with a little bit of planning we could still jump on the train and holiday in France or Italy or Austria. Within a few years we moved from accommodating this interruption to seeing the changes as an integral part of our life. So much so that we couldn’t remember our lifestyles before.

Cuts and bruises notwithstanding and despite the logistical challenges of life centred around different values, our new lifestyle quickly became more meaningful, richer and rewarding than life as a pair of carefree hedonists had been. Life had acquired a meaning we had not previously contemplated.