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When we can process how we feel,

we can think more clearly about how to act.

Listen to contributor Sally Butcher reading the transposed version of her poem ‘The Clock is Ticking’:

016: The Clock is Ticking

Alienated from the mainstream
Yearning to become an earth mother,
Resisting the seduction of becoming a mindless ‘Other’
Taking time, time, so much time
Months mostly, years for some.

A multitude of articles
Reading one, reading another, through the conveyor
Analysis, research papers, high profile reports
How does one become an earth mother, not a mindless other?

Measures are prescribed
Discussed daily
Injection of energy in, dejection as we continue to lose out
Must get on, need to get on,
Got a life to live, whilst trying to improve this one.

No one knows you do it
It’s your conversation killing secret,
Don’t talk about it in public,
Find a time
To yourself
Read it slowly
Swallow the truth.

But thoughts intrude
Three times a day and more
Alarm bells ringing
Read the next one, and the next one, and the next
What about the BIG study – hard to digest
Try to forget
Head in the sand?

Fears constantly interrupting your day
A reminder of our necessary journey
Ever hopeful, every step of the way
More articles
Missing work, can’t focus
No biggie, catch up later
We’ve got more important things to do.

Take some time off,
Put our feet up, yes do,
So the energy goes to the right places, the regenerative spaces
Relax, what are you worried about?
There’s plenty of time, they say.

Following the schedule
Wait for the right point in the financial cycle
Slow it down, then start it up
Forget the years before
This initiative may end differently.

If it doesn’t work
Just start again
But give ourselves some recovery time in between
To get ‘back to normal’ before we start again.

Maybe we’ll get there
Maybe we won’t
How long will we give it?
The clock is ticking.

By Sally Butcher

See Sally’s own page about this project