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When we can process how we feel,

we can think more clearly about how to act.

014: Mouse like Hope

It was a sunny day when I noticed the dark slick glistening on the water. I sat in the sun, willing the flow to stop, but the glimmering substance remained. It was just a minor accident I told myself. I said nothing for a day, but then I had to find out more. I called the company; they did not reassure, “just wait and see”.

Two days later the disaster was all over the news, and my grief pains came; sharp, jagged, unrelenting as the unknowing muscles heaved my hope out, then a slither as the pain stopped and my mouse like hope for the future slid away from me.

We’ve been lucky since. We have been replenished and can choose to act for a better world.

But I learned a lot that day about what we can and cannot change.