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When we can process how we feel,

we can think more clearly about how to act.

013: Transition

Upon discovering that a new era was genuinely in the making, I felt initial disbelief and shock. There were tears, not of happiness or fear but of trying to grasp or understand a kind of life change you can’t really prepare for. We had only just decided to try and put our weight behind the Great Turning, and when we saw the results, our first instinct was that we weren’t ready for or even wanted this enormous shift in our ‘normal’, but now it’s happening and it is too late!

At first the shift felt quite surreal. We talked about it with no-one, which was easy in a pandemic when you aren’t socialising with friends and family. Also there were no real signs of change which made it hard to believe and easy to forget, or feel some comfort in a sense of denial.

We knew we should be trying to enjoy this transition in our lifestyles and identities, but there are so many questions and unknowns we couldn’t quite relax and accept or acknowledge it was happening, until the first proper confirmation that change was a-coming and we started talking about it to a few people. Then a sense of realism started to hit and our safe ‘denial and carry on as normal’ bubble had to be burst as we had to start accepting and believing it was actually happening. As more people talked about it, we felt more excited but also some pressure, knowing there is still a long road to go.

Those initial apprehensive feelings are still there but now with a sense of excitement too and lots of trying to imagine and plan a future which we know we can’t entirely control.