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When we can process how we feel,

we can think more clearly about how to act.

009: The Dance with Hope

My story is one of longing,
Of yearning,
Of turning tears into heartfelt smiles
So we don’t drown.

It is a story of hope.

Every day we hold hope in our love
Hold breath
Until setbacks arise
Each time

And we hold each other,
Turn backs to hope
In the cold moonlight.

Then, a few days pass
And we tentatively pick up hope’s soft hand again.

She smiles, puts on her boots,
Knocks down doors,
And shows me pictures of the future I want
In the galleries of my mind.

Gradually, I have learned to trust her,
To take my place and yield,
Setting things up and making space,
Not breaking myself in ragged pursuit.

And it is easier now.

But time marches on without change
And technology is seductive,
White-coated scientists whisper chances,
Bring hope in closer.

Next generation sequencing, indaanikoobijigan
(7th Gen. teachings). Niin.
Indinawemaaganidog, ‘All of my relatives’.

I approach them willingly,
I trust them partially,
I travel far over water
And meet myself newly.

Hope stays near me,
I kiss her face gently
but make no demands.

I feed her, dance with her, plant vegetables in my garden with her
Because my life has to be beautiful now
And visions of a beautiful future are still only visions.

So I work to inhabit this life of my present
Bear witness to every dawn
Balancing myself in between
Waiting for my hope to be born.

• Indaanikoobijigan: my great grandparents AND my great grand children
• Niin: myself.
• Indinawemaaganidog: ‘All of my relatives’. Including all creatures and things to which I am relative, everything, interconnectedness.