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003: Tethered to Truth

From nowhere 
The impulse arrived 
To strengthen an already 
Well lived and comfortable life 
I was destined to care for more 
An unplanned calling 
But embraced entirely
All the best things in me 
Suddenly magnified 
For I was Tethered to truth 
And by some strange magic 
I managed to keep the vision of a better future 
Safe for many years
And then I dropped 
The guardianship ball 
For I did not know 
That I was growing 
On such rocky ground 
But somehow I managed
Just recently 
I felt the same impulse again 
And now the seed of 
What's Next Gestates inside 
But no child in sight 
Just the potential 
Of my own Big Bang 
Into creation 
Oh God 
I hope this time 
I stay tethered to truth