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Why are we here?

XR Psychologists Declaration

Psychology is a broad and varied discipline, studying all aspects of human behaviour. Psychologists spend their working lives trying to understand the way humans think, feel and behave with the aim of improving outcomes in individual and collective wellbeing, health and effectiveness.

The climate and ecological emergency that faces us all is both caused by human behaviour, and will have massive implications for the well-being, health and effectiveness of all humans and all other life on the planet.

Many psychologists see the impact that this crisis will have on their areas of work, their families, communities, and the wider world. There is no simple psychological fix. But as national and international governments fail to push forward with meaningful, timely, concrete actions – psychologists are taking a stand and joining this movement for change.


What we do

In the spirit of XR we aim to do what is necessary to awaken government, media, communities and ourselves to the scale of the Climate and Ecological Emergency and it’s impact on emotional health and well-being and trauma.


Read about our in person actions including the Think, Feel, Act performative action on 01 Sept 2020. Watch our video about the action too.


We have been doing some teaching on the CEE with trainee psychologists. Content coming soon when one of us has had their arm twisted…! In the mean time get in touch if you want to know more.


Care for COP: Four Trimesters project

Here are just three stories of many…


Story 001: Fear

‘…I feel sad sometimes to miss out on the joys, tears and tantrums pioneers face in their day to day striving. I also know I could never risk gestating a new world….’


Story 002: Love

‘…My partner wept with thoughts of tenderness for the vulnerability of this unknown future that we were nurturing into being….’


Poem 003: Truth

‘…And by some strange magic
I managed to keep the vision
of a better future
safe for many years ….’


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